How To Refer A Pet Parent

How To Refer A Pet Parent

Refer a Pet Parent
Give animals and pet parents the ADVANCE™ advantage.

From exclusive discounts to online support and rewards for every Pet Parent you refer, the ADVANCE™ Pet’s Club helps breeders and owners give their pets the best foundation for a long, healthy life.

Kickstart a Pet Parent’s journey
by referring them in 3 simple steps.
Log in or Register
as a Breeder

First thing’s first: log in. Click here to start.

Don’t have an account? Click here to register. We’ll confirm your account in 24 hours.

Complete the Pet
Owner Signup form

Once logged in, head to our pet owner registration form.

Remember – you’ll need to get the pet owner’s details before signing them up.

Get them the support they need

You’re nearly there!

Help future Pet Parents on their way by selecting from a range of ‘content support’ boxes at the bottom of the form.

Important information when referring a Pet Parent

Remember to tick the boxes at the bottom of the form so we can send your new Pet Parents great veterinary advice and offers from ADVANCE™. This ensures pet parents receive valuable veterinary advice like dietary information and training tips, and exclusive product offers.

By registering pet parents to the Pets Club, they have accepted the privacy policy and consented to sharing their personal information and receiving communication and great offers from us.

A little bit more about our support emails

What we cover in the emails:

  • Feeding habits, formats and overall pet nutrition
  • Training tips and tricks
  • Expert information to raising healthy pups and kittens

Raising a pet can raise some unique questions so we make sure owners know everything they need to about:

  • Overall skin and coat health
  • Their pet’s natural defences
  • Breed specific health and nutrition tips
  • General health information
Why should a Pet Parent join the ADVANCE™ Pets Club?
Welcome discount

All newly registered pet owners will get 30% off their first order from the ADVANCE™ consumer store.

Exclusive offers

Ongoing access to more exclusive discounts and product offers on our ADVANCE™ consumer store.

Helpful resources at the right time

Guidance, tips and support at every crucial stage of their pet’s life, delivered straight to their inbox.

Sounds like a good plan?
Lauren S.

“ADVANCE™ food is very palatable and easily digested with none of the problems dietary changes can sometimes incur. Our pups gain and maintain weight, are bright, active and healthy and have beautiful puppy coats - generating lots of favourable comments from anyone who sees them. We send all our pups off to their new homes with a supply of ADVANCE™ puppy food (wet and dry) and the positive feedback we receive from the new owners is great.”

— Lauren S.