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Breeder Program

Welcome to our
Breeder Program

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The best for your litter and you.

Raising a litter can be complicated, we’re making it easier — for both of you. The ADVANCE™ Pro Team Breeder Program comes with nutritional, super-premium food for pets, scheduled food delivery, exclusive discounts and member rewards for you.

ADVANCE™ Pro Team Member Benefits
Get Exclusive Pro Team discounts on ADVANCE™ Dog & Cat range.
Delivery is free for orders over $95.
Receive credit to order a free puppy or kitten kit for every pet parent you refer.
$5 credit reward for each Pet Parent you refer to the ADVANCE™ Pets Club.
Every Pet Parent you refer receives 30% off their first with us.
Subscribe and schedule your own routine to save an extra 5% on your order.

1. Lower prices, better food

Here’s a perk. Enjoy exclusive discounts on all ADVANCE™ dog and cat food to give your litters the best start.

2. Subscribe & save more
  • Plan ahead and save 5% on all pet food orders with our Subscribe & Save delivery feature.
  • You can select a delivery frequency that suits you (from 2 - 26 weeks) and let us do the rest.
  • Moreover, you can adjust, skip and cancel scheduled deliveries anytime, so it’s all on your terms.
3. Free delivery for orders over $95

Buy in bulk and save with free shipping on all orders over $95.

4. Get $5 credit for each Pet Parent referral

Help every pet get the same, super-premium nutrition and care by referring their parents to the ADVANCE™ Pets Club.

We’ll provide all Pet Parents with 30% off their first order, veterinary tips for each developmental stage and exclusive discounts across the range.

And for you?

Every successful referral grants you $5 credit to spend online, along with a FREE puppy or kitten kit to send to new Pet Parents, ensuring their pets continue to receive the same level of care and premium nutrition you provided them.

How do I register as an ADVANCE™ breeder?
  1. Sign up here and complete the registration form
  2. Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions
  3. Keep an eye out for a Welcome email from us with details and next steps, landing in your inbox within 24 hours (remember to check your junk folder)
Give your litters the best start with ADVANCE™
Keith Robinson & Kimberley Azzopardi

“Since moving our entire kennel to ADVANCE™ quite some years ago the general health of our dogs has been outstanding, our puppies grow perfectly, and our dog's coats and skin are easily maintained in peak condition. I not only recommend Advance to all my puppy buyers but anyone I speak to, and invite them to my kennels to see the results for themselves.”

— Keith R. & Kimberley A.